A business that functions smoothly depends on the seamless integration of its various software systems. At Astra, we are committed to helping you do this.

Organizations today need to integrate IFS not only to internal systems in their data centers but also to external systems, including cloud-based applications and mobile platforms that use newer, still-evolving protocols. As these technologies evolve, it is critical for organizations to use an integration approach that is up to date with newer protocols.

IFS applications support a variety of business functions out-of-the-box. IFS’ primary purpose is to automate business processes in order to increase efficiency and improve visibility. As businesses grow, one primary struggle is integrating their IFS system with other enterprise systems. 


Many companies try to use a single ERP system such as IFS, but end up using multiple systems simply because:


  • IFS cannot handle all unique and special needs such as payroll, sales tax handling, and engineering (CAD/CAM) programs.

  • Many best-of-breed cloud systems offer better functionality than IFS in some areas.


This is why integrating IFS with other systems is essential.

Astra has worked successfully with various integration approaches and industry-specific tools to help you integrate your systems for greater operational efficiencies. 

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Astra played a critical role in the success of our project. We chose them because of their extensive IFS experience and deep systems understanding. Astra delivered excellent results for us, and they did it within our project’s time constraints.


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  Americas Controller, Bredero Shaw

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