Organizations invest significant money, time, and effort in buying and customizing a new ERP system to fit their business. Problems can arise when organizations fail to properly populate a new system with legacy data.


Astra helps take the risk out of data migration. Our highly experienced technical and functional consultants offer comprehensive ETL strategies, i.e., Data Extraction from legacy systems, Transformation/mapping and Loading into the new IFS system. 


Your IFS Solution and implementation is only as good as the legacy data accurately migrated in.

Often data migration activity is left to the last minute, and clients end up dropping bad data from the legacy system into the new system. Many times, poor data migration quality lingers long past go-live, jeopardizing the success of your IFS implementation. While few migrations are perfect, Astra will make data migration easier, more efficient, and more accurate because we consider data migration a critical part of the IFS implementation. It should involve C-level executives, IT, vendors, and other partners as needed.

At Astra, we want your data migrations to be stellar.


For more information, please feel free to contact us at sales@astra-us.com

Astra played a critical role in the success of our project. We chose them because of their extensive IFS experience and deep systems understanding. Astra delivered excellent results for us, and they did it within our project’s time constraints.


- Noel Knape 

  Americas Controller, Bredero Shaw

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