The global business environment is rapidly transforming, bringing new standards and procedures. To adapt to these changes, applications also need to continuously evolve. The modern features, usability improvements and enhancements inherent in the new version of IFS Applications will make it easier for users.

Astra makes the upgrade process easier, cost-efficient, and faster through innovative technical tools from IFS. Our experienced and competent consultants will re-evaluate business processes if needed and execute a comprehensive upgrade strategy well-suited for your organization.


To realign with new business capabilities and desires, companies of all sizes have a growing need for innovative applications with agile, powerful, and flexible technical architecture. Thus, the decision to upgrade the IFS Applications is a logical business decision to differentiate in a competitive market.

Additionally, delaying or avoiding system upgrades and holding to an old version will tend to have significant downsides, such as:

  • Accumulation of customizations will add complexity, time, and cost to the subsequent upgrades.

  • The company misses out on new functionalities and business process improvements inherent in new versions.

  •  The company will require extensive end-user training due to many new functionalities added over a long period of time.

In an Upgrade engagement, Astra consultants will analyze whether all of the existing customizations continue to be required or whether new software extensions render some of the customizations redundant. If new customization requirements are identified, those will be quickly assessed and coded to keep the upgrade process on track.

Moreover, existing reports will be validated against new coding changes. Only the most operationally important reports will be prioritized, allowing you to eliminate obsolete reports. This cleanup methodology will make the upgrades easier and cheaper.


We assure the upgrade to be smooth, efficient, and within budget.


For more information, please feel free to contact us at sales@astra-us.com

Astra played a critical role in the success of our project. We chose them because of their extensive IFS experience and deep systems understanding. Astra delivered excellent results for us, and they did it within our project’s time constraints.


- Noel Knape 

  Americas Controller, Bredero Shaw

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